Reduced Emissions

Mountain and skyWith the engine off at the work site, the Odyne system significantly reduces emission

Operators report reduced fatigue and headache associated with working in non-hybrid gas/diesel truck environments.

Odyne's system is EPA and CARB emissions compliant and saves up to an estimated 19.25 tons of GHG (CO2) per year, depending on application duty cycle.

Note:  The Odyne system does not affect the chassis manufacturer's emissions equipment or warranty.

Emissions Results from the DOE upgrade project presented by Mark Kosowski of EPRI.

Emission Test Results with EPRI

Emissions Test Results EPRI

Emissions Results EPRI

Emissions Results EPRI

An Odyne hybrid system helps fleet managers reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainable energy goals by displacing the use of fossil fuels with cleaner, lower cost electricity from the grid, while providing a quieter, safer working environment.

Odyne works with Clean Cities Coalitions and fleet managers to save costs and improve the environment. Contact the Clean Cities Coalition in your area.