Odyne System 14.2kWh Specifications

Odyne Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Specifications

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Stored Energy System
300V lithium ion battery pack with 14.2kWh capacity.  

Electric Motor
High-power, compact liquid-cooled, permanent magnet motor providing up to 232 lb/ft of torque with launch assist while driving and regenerative braking.  The temperature of the electric motor is maintained by a cooling loop that includes an electric motor, pump, fan and radiator to extend the life and performance of the electric motor.

The electric motor increases fuel efficiency while driving and provides power for all of the work site accessories for all electric stationary operation at the work site.

Recharging Capability
Plug-in capability with level two 240V single-phase 30-amp service to fully recharge the stored energy system within an eight-hour period.

Engine-powered recharging while in the field.  The engine is automatically started when the stored energy system is depleted and recharged with the vehicle's engine.  Once the stored energy system is recharged, the engine will automatically shut down and the system will resume all electric stationary mode.

Regenerative braking recharges the stored energy system while braking the vehicle.  As the vehicle slows, the motor/generator slows the vehicle and recharges the stored energy system.

SAE J1772 compliant charge station for plug-in recharging provided with contactor to only provide power to vehicle when all systems are fully functional.  Vehicle will not start while plugged in to prevent operator from driving vehicle with charge cord attached.

Inverter Assembly
Liquid-cooled inverter assembly converting the 300V stored DC power to AC power to power permanent magnet motor.

LCD Display
Cab mounted LCD driver display screen providing the operator with valuable plug-in hybrid system data and troubleshooting codes.

Hybrid override system to allow vehicle to operate as a standard vehicle for driving and stationary application if the PHEV system is not functional.

Auxiliary Heating and Air Conditioning System
Auxiliary cab HVAC system for use during all-electric mode while the engine is not running.

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