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Odyne Systems Receives Executive Order Permitting Sale of Plug-In Hybrid System in California

California Air Resources Board Issues First Ever Aftermarket Exemption Executive Order for Plug-in Hybrid System Installed on Medium and Heavy Duty Chassis

Pewaukee, WI – October 15, 2015 – Odyne Systems, LLC, a leading manufacturer of plug-in hybrid systems for medium and heavy duty work trucks, has received an exemption from Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code and was issued Executive Order no. D-750 from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for their advanced Odyne plug-in hybrid system.

Odyne becomes the first company to complete the CARB aftermarket exemption process and receive an Executive Order for medium and heavy duty trucks for a plug-in hybrid solution. The executive order states that installation of the ODYNE Plug-In Hybrid System, manufactured by Odyne Systems, LLC “has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of the applicable vehicle pollution control system.” The Executive Order permits the installation of the Odyne Plug-In Hybrid System on 2013 – 2015 medium and heavy duty diesel-powered vehicles with engine-vehicle combinations noted below in Tables 1 and 2.

Odyne Hybrid Systems are often added after new chassis have transferred to ultimate purchasers when other equipment is being installed.  Systems can also be retrofit onto vehicles that have already been operating in fleets.

The Odyne hybrid power system features proprietary and patented hybrid technology combining reliable electric power conversion, power control and energy storage technology. The system interfaces with Allison Transmission’s industry leading fully-automatic transmissions, Remy advanced electric propulsion motors with industry leading power density and efficiency, Johnson Controls lithium-ion battery technology and other robust, quality components. The unique PTO (Power Take-off) interface provides a direct connection between the hybrid system and the transmission, enabling improved driving fuel efficiency. When the truck is stationary, Odyne’s hybrid system and ePTO can power most equipment for the entire work day with the engine off. The Odyne plug-in hybrid drive system reduces fleet operating and maintenance costs, and depending on duty cycle, enables large trucks to obtain fuel economy improvements of up to 50% or greater compared to non-hybrid vehicles.

Bill Mammen, Director of Controls for Odyne Systems stated, “We are excited to have received this Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board and look forward to working closely with truck owners in California to apply environmentally friendly Odyne hybrid systems to their vehicles. We have a passion for innovation and delivery of reliable, advanced plug-in hybrid system solutions.”

About Odyne Systems, LLC Odyne is a leader in hybrid drive systems for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Odyne’s advanced plug-in hybrid technology enables trucks over 14,000 pounds to have substantially lower fuel consumption, improved performance, quieter work site operation and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Odyne has fielded more plug-in hybrid systems for large trucks throughout the United States than any other supplier. Odyne systems are modular and are integrated to powertrains during the vehicle manufacturing process or are retrofit to existing truck chassis in various applications. The systems are sold and serviced through a worldwide distribution network including Altec and Terex Utilities. Odyne has also authorized selected Allison Transmission distributors to service Odyne systems across North America. For further information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter @Odyne.