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DUECO, Inc in collaboration with Odyne Systems, LLC developed and manufactured the first plug-in hybrid work truck for the Grand Haven Board of Light and Power (located in Grand Haven, MI.) This bucket truck is an addition to their existing fleet and will be used with crews to help maintain two electric generating facilities, six substations, and approximately 220 miles of electric distribution lines currently owned and operated by Grand Haven BLP. Grand Haven’s goal of “providing responsive, dependable, and courteous electrical service of the highest quality at the lowest practical cost” will be greatly enhanced with the new plug-in hybrid purchase.

Odyne’s plug-in hybrid systems provide a turnkey solution for utilities that have units with extended periods of jobsite idle time, in conjunction with city driving cycles, which tend to have a high percentage of starting and stopping. A utility such as Grand Haven can benefit the most by using a parallel plug-in hybrid system in these conditions.

Plug-in hybrid systems increase fuel efficiency while driving with the use of an electric motor parallel to the existing drive train, providing launch assist and regenerative braking. Once at the jobsite, vehicles can function without using engine power. Instead, workers use the hybrid plug-in system to operate worksite applications, such as boom movement. Fleet managers may prefer a certain type of chassis, fuel type or vehicle application configuration; providing a perfect application for the Odyne system as it is designed without making any changes to an OEM engine or transmission. In addition Odyne’s plug-in hybrid systems can be used on many work truck platforms, including bucket trucks, digger derricks or air compressor truck applications. Grand Haven chose a Class 7 Navistar WorkStar chassis, with the DUECO body and the Odyne electric power train and anticipates an annual fuel savings of approximately 55%.

• July 31, 2009: Production Completed for ‘First of Its Kind’ 4×4 Digger Derrick – Odyne announced shipment of a ‘first of its kind’ plug-in hybrid 4×4 digger derrick. This unique equipment was purchased by Plymouth Utilities in Wisconsin and features a 2008 International chassis with a Terex Commander 4047 and the Odyne hybrid system.  According to Odyne’s President, Joe Dalum, “We have eliminated any need for engine idle on jobsites by powering the digger, electronics, hydraulics and even our auxiliary air conditioning system, all without the use of the diesel engine. With less fuel consumption, noise and fumes on jobsites, everybody wins.  Workers are safer, our environment is cleaner, and fuel costs decrease for our customers” This hybrid system is the only one available in the market that interfaces with an Allison automatic transmission on a medium-duty truck. Odyne continues to advance hybrid technology to include a variety of new applications and a retrofit to existing vehicles.