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Partnership to Broaden the Deployment of Energy Efficient Odyne System Solutions.

Waukesha, WI, October 22, 2012 – Waukesha-based Odyne Systems, LLC, and Altec, Inc., have agreed to market and promote the sale of Odyne’s products to Altec customers and potential customers.

Odyne Systems develops and manufactures turnkey hybrid solutions optimized for fleets that utilize vehicles with driving cycles that have a high percentage of starting and stopping, and extended periods of job site idle time. Companies operating utility or work vehicles with this profile benefit significantly by using the company’s proprietary parallel plug-in hybrid system. Odyne’s unique modular system can be installed on a wide variety of new and existing vehicles to reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%, depending on application, lowering emissions and providing quiet work site operation.

The new distribution agreement with Altec further broadens the reach of Odyne Systems’ hybrid solution, while extending Altec’s offering of green products. “The work truck industry will be significantly affected by advancements in vehicle efficiency in the coming years and we are excited to be at the leading edge with our products,” said Joe Dalum, President and Chief Executive Officer of Odyne Systems. “Our new agreement with Altec, one of the world’s largest equipment and service providers to fleets that can strongly benefit from our technology, will enhance Odyne’s ability to meet customers’ needs for lower emission vehicles that consume less fuel and operate quietly. We are looking forward to strong additional growth through our relationship with Altec.”

Odyne’s plug-in hybrid truck systems increase fuel efficiency while driving by using an electric motor in parallel with the existing drivetrain, providing launch assist and regenerative braking. Once at the job site, vehicles can function without using engine power. Instead, workers use the hybrid plug-in battery system to power work site applications, including equipment mounted to the truck. Fleet managers often have preferences for a certain type of chassis, fuel type or vehicle application configuration. The Odyne system can be applied to a wide range of vehicle configurations without any changes to an OEM engine or transmission. The unique system also does not affect the original EPA certification of the engine. Odyne plug-in hybrid systems can be used on many work truck platforms, including bucket trucks, digger derricks and air compressor truck applications.

“Altec is committed to sustainable solutions,” said Marc Miles, Senior Vice President at Altec. “That commitment to sustainability is reflected in our broadening line of equipment. We are excited to be working with Odyne to provide the advances of the Odyne hybrid system to better serve and support the growing needs of our customers. When coupled with our other Green Fleet offerings, Altec can match the best hybrid system to meet our customers’ needs, helping them meet their goals for more efficient equipment.”

About Odyne Systems, LLC
Odyne is a leader in hybrid drive systems for medium and heavy duty vehicles. Odyne’s advanced plug-in hybrid technology enables trucks over 14,000 pounds to have substantially lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, improved performance, quieter job site operation and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Odyne has fielded more plug-in hybrid systems for large trucks to fleets throughout the United States than any other supplier. The company sells its unique modular hybrid system for new and retrofit applications direct to truck manufacturers and through a global distribution and service network. The name Odyne represents the combination of “O” for optimal and “dyne” for force.  Odyne’s hybrid system for medium and heavy duty trucks represents the best hybrid power solution for large trucks. For further information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter @Odyne.

About Altec, Inc.

Altec, Inc. is a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, contractor, lights and signs, tree care and contractor markets. The company provides products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world. For more information, visit us at or call (800) 958-2555.