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What Odyne Customers are Saying

Greg Geiger, Electric Operating Supervisor with Marshfield Utilities: “Besides saving fuel, and therefore decreasing our carbon footprint, the biggest benefit has been for our guys working on the ground. There are no diesel fumes to breathe in and it’s a nice quiet work environment to communicate in.”

Mike Johnson, Fleet Acquisition Manager, Consumers Energy: “We are excited to be taking delivery of this new advanced plug-in electrification system from Odyne. In particular, we are interested in the developments that have been brought to the market providing solutions for the utility which reduce vehicle emissions and petroleum fuel usage. The new advanced plug-in hybrid truck from Odyne provides several advantages at the work site and on the roadway. We look forward to putting these trucks to work in our communities.”

“Diesel vehicles and equipment are significant contributors to air pollution and greenhouse gas emission in Chicago. By adopting innovative vehicle technologies like ComEd’s new Odyne Systems hybrid truck, we can improve the health of our residents and save money on fuel costs,” the City of Chicago’s Chief Sustainability Officer Karen Weigert said.

“The primary advantages: it uses less fuel, it produces less emissions, and it’s a much quieter, and therefore, safer vehicle for us to work with.  We’ve been very very happy with its performance and we’re looking forward to the future when we’ll see more of these vehicles put into use in every day applications.”
-Oak Ridge Electric Department Manager, Jack Suggs