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10 Highly Valued Attributes of the Odyne System

  1.  Up to 150 ft-lbs of torque while driving, for improved acceleration, cornering and operation of tools at the work site
  2.  Significantly lower emissions for a reduced carbon footprint and better environment for the crew throughout the day, and zero emissions at work site
  3.  Substantial fuel economy improvements of up to 50% compared to traditional diesel or gasoline engines
  4.  A quieter, safer work site, with ease of communication from the ground to the bucket
  5.  Reduced operating and maintenance costs, with fewer engine run hours
  6.  Capable of supporting an industry leading 6kW to 18kW of exportable power for vehicle mounted equipment and/or optional work site 120V/240V electrical loads with engine off
  7.  Air conditioning and cab heating with the engine off (optional)
  8.  High crew productivity
    •  During drive time, regenerative braking restores battery power
    •  At the work site, full power with the engine off throughout a typical 8-hour shift
    •  No need to re-start the engine to recharge the battery
  9.  Rugged, proven automotive quality components:
    • Allison Transmission’s leading fully-automatic transmissions
    • Electric motors proved in over 2 billion road miles
    • Modular storage systems
    • Inverters
  10.  Flexible operation to maximize efficiency
    •  Software tailored to the application
    •  Ability to continually gather operational data