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Quiet Operation

The quiet operation of the Odyne System is highly valued by work crews and supervisors. In fact, we’ve heard from numerous customers that crew members stake their claim on the Odyne truck, as all value the quiet operation and low emission environment.

Key Benefits

• Lowers noise decibels 50%, improving crew productivity, reducing fatigue, errors
• Removes need to wear earplugs and provides a safer environment
• Enhances training environment, providing better learning
• Expands work hours – it’s quiet, so you can work ANYTIME
• Reduces customer complaints regarding noise

The Challenge

How can I keep my work site operators and customers safe, healthy and happy?

Today’s commercial trucks are loud; a standard diesel engine produces approximately 100 decibels (dB) of noise. Add the noise emitted by truck equipment applications, and not only is the hearing of the operator in jeopardy but their safety is as well. Elevated sound prevents operators from effectively communicating with each other, leading to work delays and/or slower response time in potentially dangerous situations.

While fleet executives and fleet managers often worry about their employee’s health and safety, there is also concern for customer satisfaction. A quiet home averages 40 dB and a quiet street, 50 dB, so a truck idling at 100 dB may cause distress. Residents of an otherwise serene neighborhood, may be inclined to complain.

The Odyne Solution

A plug-in hybrid truck from Odyne can reduce noise decibels by over 50% resulting in a quiet work mode and productivity day or night!

Because the engine is not needed to run auxiliary equipment at the work site, the noise level is significantly reduced.  Operators currently using Odyne plug-in hybrid trucks, rave about how quiet the hybrid truck is during operation. The fact that an operator can speak in a normal voice to co-workers provides a safer work environment. Work sites are much more efficient when a team of employees can hear each other clearly.

In addition to the increased work site communication, work is completed more efficiently because operators can work at any time of the day or night – without restriction. The Odyne hybrid truck can operate for up to an entire eight hour shift (28 kWh system), before the engine seamlessly begins to recharge the batteries. With a typical hybrid bucket truck application, enough power is available to operate all day, without restarting the engine.

A quiet truck also provides a healthier work environment for employees. No longer do fleet managers need to enforce a policy on earplugs and operators do not need to fear hearing loss due to engine noise levels. Medical costs decrease as operator exposure decreases.

One of the best reasons to purchase a plug-in hybrid truck is that quiet operation allows the truck to be ‘on-call’ 24/7. Policies to control operator usage of trucks in residential areas are no longer needed, allowing them to be on a work site at any time and the ability to respond to an emergency at any time. This provides more service call ‘up-time’ and less service interruption to the customer, resulting in fewer complaints and more productivity from your equipment and crews.