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Core Components

Odyne systems are optimized for the demanding work truck environment and are matched to the application. Performance and features will vary based upon selected options and powertrain components.

An Odyne system can be easily integrated on a wide variety of new and existing vehicles, interfaces with industry-leading, fully-automatic Allison transmissions* and is applicable across chassis manufacturers.

The Odyne electrification system features:

  • Modular energy storage system technology providing 20 kWh or more of power
  • Advanced electric propulsion motors with industry leading density and efficiency, proven in over 2 billion road miles
  • Industry inverter
  • Other robust, automotive quality components

*Allison Transmission, Inc. has globally endorsed the use of 2000, 3000 and 4000 Series™ transmissions with the Odyne hybrid system as the exclusively-approved PTO-based hybrid system.

Battery Pack

Industry Inverter