Our plug-in hybrid system was designed for medium- and heavy-duty truck applications. Odyne can provide a plug-in hybrid system on almost any chassis.
• Odyne installs a plug-in hybrid system on a chassis and then ships the chassis to a final stage manufacturer.
• Odyne can provide a complete hybrid truck solution working through its partners.

Odyne has developed 17.7kWh and 35.4kWh systems that can be used on a wide variety of equipment applications and chassis makes:

• Bucket Trucks
• Compressors
• Digger Derricks
• Dump Trucks
• Mobile Cranes
• Mobile Shredders
• Refrigeration Trucks
• Refuse Trucks
• Septic Trucks
• Tanker Trucks
• Underground Electrical Maintenance Trucks

Below are examples of various applications. See our photo gallery for additional photos.