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When in all-electric stationary operation at the work site, Odyne’s system provides:

• A quieter work site for better communication among crew members, improving operator safety and faster/safer on-the-job training
• Zero or lower engine exhaust emissions, depending on duty cycle, reducing fatigue and headaches

When connected to an industry standard SAE J1772* electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) station, Odyne’s system:

• Detects the charge station connection and prohibits the engine from cranking
• Prevents inadvertent drive-off and damage to the cord or charging station
• Features a High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) which detects issues and safely shuts down the system

In addition, Odyne’s system also features:

• Launch assist/regenerative braking which is disabled when the ABS is active or manually via a dashboard mounted switch

*J1772 is the first standard in the world reached by industry consensus that provides critical guidelines for safety, charging control and connectors used to charge plug in vehicles. Plug-In Vehicle Conductive Charging, SAE J1772 Explained Web Seminar RePlay – SAE International