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Odyne has pioneered plug-in technology for medium and heavy duty truck applications. Our systems can provide the needed power for multiple chassis manufacturers and multiple weight classes.

Odyne’s plug-in electrification truck solution offers several advantages to stand-alone alternatively fueled vehicles and vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines: the Odyne plug-in electrification truck can provide your company with:

• Lower operating costs and faster ROI through improved fuel efficiency
• Lower vehicle emissions
• Lower noise level
• Lower maintenance costs

Odyne Parallel Electrification System
Architecture Diagram

Odyne Parallel Electrification System
Truck View


Odyne integrates standard advanced control systems and our modular electrification system. This combination allows our plug-in electrification system to be competitively priced, while it retains the flexibility to be built to customer specifications, it also enables later modifications which can extend the life of your electrification truck. Our plug-in electrification system is so versatile that it can continue to meet your evolving needs