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Increased Power and Efficiency

Odyne’s system offers the best solution for power:

Larger more powerful electric motor with over 2 billion miles of proven reliability
• 56 hp (42kW) launch assist while driving
• High energy batteries – up to 8 hours of charge depleting use, depending on application
• 20 kWH or more energy storage system packs
• System recharges batteries while braking, or at work site; plug-in charging is preferred but not mandatory
• No frequent engine starting and stopping to recharge batteries throughout the day
• Capable of supporting up to 6kW to 18kW of exportable power for truck mounted equipment vs. 3kW on many other hybrids
• Export power capable of supporting up to 18kW or higher to help replace truck mounted generators
• The only electrification system to power an underdeck air compressor

Odyne provides more and longer-lasting electric power while driving, accelerating, turning, climbing and on work site operation than other electrification systems. The system’s 70 extra horsepower while driving is a benefit that anti-idle solutions do not provide. Customers have shared that they like the “get up and go” of the Odyne Electrification System. When at the job site, the system delivers up to as much as an extra 69 hp in compressor applications.

The quiet work site power runs truck-mounted equipment for hours with the engine off at a lower cost than other electrification systems. Below are a few examples of continuous minutes of all-electric operation of equipment.

ENGINE IDLE OFF - Odyne Systems, LLC