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Energy Storage Packs

Odyne’s system utilizes a high-voltage, maintenance-free 20 kWh or more storage system pack(s) designed for rugged work trucks. The energy storage pack is sized and located to suit the electrification truck application. The Odyne electrification system is dynamically controlled based on battery performance at any thermal condition to maintain optimal battery condition and life.

The system’s battery management strategy maintains the battery and optimizes the recharging rates for:

• Extended battery life throughout the plug-in hybrid truck lifecycle
• Reduced maintenance cost
• Minimal battery charging cost – charging the batteries during off-peak hours
with 25 kWh per night at $0.10 per kWh = $2.50 per work day

Each plug-in electrification system energy storage system weighs approximately 650 pounds (294 kg) and contributes to a lower total hybrid truck system weight when compared to other electification systems using less advanced battery technology. Each pack is mounted in a location to suit the hybrid truck application and doesn’t compromise ground clearance.

Each Odyne System energy storage pack has a 10-year design life.